Marketing Management – I Assignment 8 Answers 2021

Marketing Management – I Assignment 8 Answers 2021:- Every student is requested to submit their assignments on the knowledge of their own, we do not promote copying answers. We are providing answers just as a reference

Q1. In order to realize its intended strategy, management of the firm must focus all its energies on aligning_____________. 

  • a) business strategy and  advertising strategy 
  • b) core competencies and political environment 
  • c) competitive methods and task environment 
  • d) core competencies and competitive methods

Ans:- d) core competencies and competitive methods

Q2. In developing strategic focus alternatives, which one of the following is not a way to improve margins and investment returns: 

  • a) Reduce operating costs 
  • b) Increase number of customer visits 
  • c) Improve the sales mix 
  • d) Improve asset utilization

Ans:- b) Increase number of customer visits 

Q3. Which one of the following is not one of Porter’s three generic strategies that lead to competitive advantage? 

  • a) Focus  
  • b) Cost leadership 
  • c) Transformation 
  • d) Differentiation

Ans:- c) Transformation 

Q4. A steel manufacturing firm notices a drop in the demand for steel as a result of  decline in ultimate consumer demand for automobiles, this illustrates the concept of: 

  • a) Derived demand 
  • b) Evoked demand 
  • c) Connected demand 
  • d) Reflected demand

Ans:- a) Derived demand 

Q5. Which of the following is the set of comprehensive benefits a firm promises to deliver to the customers to satisfy their needs? 

a) Low pricing 

b) Good customer service 

c) Money-back guarantee 

d) Value proposition

Ans:- d) Value proposition

Q6. _____________ is a recurring purchase decision in which a business customer often reorders a product that has satisfied needs in the past. 

a) Straight rebuy 

b) Reciprocity 

c) Capex buy 

d) Modified rebuy

Ans:- a) Straight rebuy 

Q7. _____________ are those elements that are considered mandatory for a brand to be considered a legitimate competitor in its specific category. 

a) Points of conflict 

b) Points of parity 

c) Points of weakness 

d) Points of reference

Ans:- b) Points of parity 

Q8. _____________ is one of the tactics of Marketing where a market leader not only satisfies defense needs of the current position but also puts up peripheral offerings to defend a weak front or to act as a new market initiative. 

a) Preemptive defense 

b) Contraction defense 

c) Flank defense 

d) Counteroffensive defense

Ans:- c) Flank defense 

Q9. In the _____________, the firm decides to attack its opponents on a small scale quite frequently, suddenly, and on different fronts within its overall market challenger strategies.  

a) bypass attack 

b) frontal attack 

c) encirclement attack 

d) guerilla attack

Ans:- d) guerilla attack

Q10. In the market follower strategy, _____________ copies aspects of the competing product but maintains differences in packaging and other product identity factors. 

a) adaptor 

b) cloner 

c) imitator 

d) Counterfeiter

Ans:- c) imitator 

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